One of the largest fishing contents of the year is right around the corner and being held at Lake Alice. It's call the Alice in Winterland Ice Fishing Festival. The day gets started at 7am and lasts until 5pm. For some of us this might sound like a long day. However, for the men and women out on the boats trying to get that big catch it's certain to go by much to quickly. This is the 18th year of the contest and it's held every year between Anglers and Horseshoe boat landings. There are a whopping 6 categories in which you can participate and prizes are given for the 3 largest fish in each.

At first glance this kind of an event my not sound like a family focused day. However, the organizers this year are making sure that's exactly what it is. If you want your son or daughter to get absolutely hooked on fishing early you'll certainly want to participate. There will be plenty of food, refreshments and even $1,500 in cash raffles! I better not forget to mention that there are 80 door prizes that will be handed out as people arrive. The whole event will only set you back $5.00 for one person or $10.00 for a family. Since the actual fishing only goes to 3pm the fishers and  families will have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the festivities together. So, get your fishing gear out and ready to get that big catch of the year, or - just head on down to the event for some good family fun.
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